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  • Super silent diesel generator in parallel mode on army radar trailer
  • Light and silent diesel generator, mounted on trailer for tractor
  • Standby/emergency generator on farm at thunderstorm
  • Standby generator set: diesel genset with automatic transfer switch
  • Light and silent generators for boats and camping

Light Generators: Mobile Generators, Petrol/Gasoline and Diesel Generators Light Generators: Mobile Generators, Petrol/Gasoline and Diesel Generators

The compact and portable generators are equipped with modern petrol and diesel engines and suitbale for versatile applications.

Petrol/Gasoline Generators are compared with diesel generators light and can even be started at very high temperatures below zero.

High-quality synchronous generators provide a clean sinusoidal output voltage and are suitbale for sensitive electronic devices, as well as for electric tools and machines with starting current.

Combined generators with three phase current and 230V current are mostly equipped with a reinforced phase, allowing a 2/3 230V rated the overall performance of the 400V AC generator.

  Generator with pure sine wave output

Power Generators with high-quality alternators for clean sine wave output voltage wiht minimum harmonic distortion.

Altnerators from European manufacturers:

Mobile Generators

All generators are powered by reliable petrol and diesel engines from well-known manufacturers, such as: HATZ (Germany), HONDA, BRIGGS & STRATTON, KUBOTA, RUGGERINI, YANMAR

Because of their smal size, mobile generators are ideal for emergency power supply. Diesel generators can be operated in houses (e.g. in boiler room in the cellar), garage or shed. For more information, click here: -> Generators for emergency power supply

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Crisis prevention: diesel generator set with automatic transfer switch box at power mains failure

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