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MITTRONIK Lighting + Stage Equipment

LIGHTING + STAGEStage Lighting + Stage Equipment

Profession in light, stage lighting and stage equipment

For four and a half decades, the MITTRONIK brand stands for reliable and innovative lighting controls for stage lighting. Sophisticated and famous developements in the area of lighting computers and dimmer technologies have been launched under MITTRONIK.

Today, our portfolio ranges from lighting technology applications in architecture, to complete stage lighting and stage equipment. Our extensive sales program is divided into the following three areas:

  • Architectural Lighting

    Architectural Lighting

    Luminaires, spotlights, projectors and colour changers for inside and outside applications

  • Stage Lighting

    Stage Lighting

    Spotlights, consoles and dimming systems. Complete program of stage lighting equipment

  • Stage Equipment

    Stage Equipment

    Stage platforms, chain hoists, trusses, up to complete mobile stages with curtains or roofs




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