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Rugged Outdoor Notebooks with bright sunlight readable displays for working outside at daylight


Rugged Outdoor Notebooks & Tablet Computer

For outdoor work, we offer special, rugged Outdoor Notebooks and Outdoor Tablets with sunlight readable displays which are also water-, dust-, and shock-proofed, according to industrial and military standard.

Outdoor Notebook with sunlight readable display

An Outdoor Notebook is designed to be particularly robust and can withstand falls, shocks and vibrations. It is also protected against dust, sand and dirt for outdoor use and is also waterproof or at least protected against moisture and liquids. Depending on wheter it is a semi or a full-rugged outdoor laptop, variously stringent industrial and military standards are met.

In addition to the technical parameters and the protected housing, the display of an outdoor laptop is particularly important. An outdoor notebook must also be easily readable in extreme solar radiation in midsummer, in the desert or in snow and ice.

Highlight - even under Outdoor Laptops: Extremely bright display readable in sunlight

Getac B300 with sunlight-readable display

[+] In comparison: Getac B300 with extra bright sunlight-readable display with 1400 cd/m² (Nits) on the left side

Especially bright are the displays of the Getac Outdoor Notebook types with QuadraClear™ technology, which ensures that notebook displays are easy to read even under the most difficult conditions, in direct sunlight. The multi-layered, mercury-free LED outdoor display impresses with its unique brightness, high contrast and outstanding anti-reflection effect. Getac's QuadraClear™ displays are designed to achieve consistent brightness, even when used continuously.

In addition to the ruggedness, the power consumption is also important: with an impressive brightness of 1400 Nits or Candelar per square meter (cd/m³), the Getac B300 Outdoor Notebook is at least six times brighter than ohernotebook displays, while thanks to the latest LED technology a long Battery life is preserved.

You want an outdoor laptop instead of your previous notebook?

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