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Since more than 40 years the MITTRONIK logo is typifying innovative high technology lighting control systems for stage lighting. Sophisticated and famous developements in the area of lighting computers and dimmer technologies were done by MITTRONIK.

In 1976 the world-wide first lighting console in C-MOS technology with working memory and electronic data archiving had been put into operation in teh Eurogress Aachen (Germany). The first dimmers with triacs as power semiconductors were manufactured in the following years. A fully digital operating dimmer was developed shortly afer.

The worldwide first fully software controlled lighting computer in microprocessor technolgy had been installed in the Intimate Theatre in Bonn in 1979. In the following years many well known theatres, telefvision and radio studios had been equipped with this new mobile computer systems, for example the German television companies ZDF and ARD. This was long before the personal computers took place in the offices.

In the same time the development of high efficient types of spotlights took place. Manufactured are special flood lights, horizontal lights, planoconvex and fresnel lens spots, and high efficient profile and follow spots with a special optical condens lens system for low voltage lamps and HMI lamps for long distance use.

More than 500 stages of theatres, opera houses, concert halls, open air theatres, TV studios, auditoriums, country halls and other stages got MITTRONIK stage lighting equipment.

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