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DOOSAN Diesel Generator Set: Solid generators for prime or standby/emergency power supply

Diesel Generator SetsDiesel Generator Sets

100 - 700 kVA - Doosan

Doosan is a South Korean conglomerate with 35.000 employees. It is now one of the 2.000 largest listed companies in the world. The company is active in different business sectors: energy and power generation, engine production (including heavy diesel engines for power plants and ships), construction equipment, tools, military engineering and civil / building engineering.

The modern Doosan diesel generator engines are reliable and durable and are distinguished by their exceptional value. Most engines meet the strict U.S. and European exhaust emissions regulations.

The Doosan generators are offered as "open frame" genset or with "weather- and soundproof" enclosure. Depending on the purpose, various digital control panels as well as options for standby and parallel operation are available.

Power Generator Set open frame Generator Set open frame
Power Generator Set soundproof Generator Set weather+ soundproof
DOOSAN Genset enginesDOOSAN Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel Generators - DOOSAN | 1.500 rpm | 100 - 700 kVA

For the sound-proof generator sets of MAW series extended fuel tanks in base frame (double-walled) were offered optional with a volume from 995 to 2.100 liters depending on the size of the enclosure / genset housing.

DOOSAN Diesel Generator soundproofed
Type Power   Phases Amp. Engine type      
MAW 120 118 kVA 95 kW 3~ 400V 171 A D1146T*   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MAW 200 200 kVA 160 kW 3~ 400V 289 A P086TI   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MAW 285 272 kVA 218 kW 3~ 400V 393 A P126TI   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MAW 300 300 kVA 240 kW 3~ 400V 433 A P126TI-II*   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MAW 400 400 kVA 320 kW 3~ 400V 577 A P158LE*   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MAW 450 450 kVA 359 kW 3~ 400V 648 A P158FE   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MAW 525 503 kVA 403 kW 3~ 400V 727 A P180LE*   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MAW 670 657 kVA 525 kW 3~ 400V 947 A P222FE   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MAW 700 768 kVA 614 kW 3~ 400V 1.108 A P222LE-S-II*   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse

* Engine does not meet EC Directive 97/68/EC (Stage II)

Rated power at 400/230V, 50 Hz. Fuel consumption at 75% (3/4) PRP load. Speed at 60 Hz: 1,800 rpm.

Available voltage at 50 Hz: 415/240V, 400/230V, 380/220V, 240/120V, 230/115V, 220/110V.
Available voltage at 60 Hz: 480/277V, 460/265V, 440/254V, 240/120V, 230/115V, 220/110V, 208/120V.

Rated Power kVA/kW - PRP Prime Power according to ISO 8528 - maximum available electrical power (at variable load) within the specified maintenance intervals for an unlimited number of hours per year. The average power output may not exceed 80% of PRP power within a period of 24 hours. 10% overload is permitted only temporarily.

Technical data relate to standard reference conditions according to ISO 8528: +25°C, 100 m ALT (1000 mbar), 30% relative humidity. During running-in period of the engine the output increases by approx. 5%. The performance values decrease at higher altitudes, with higher temperatures and higher humidity conformance with DIN ISO 3046.

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