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Diesel Generator Sets - Reliable generators for standby or prime power supply

Diesel Generator SetsDiesel Generator Sets

700 - 2000 kVA - Mitsubishi

The Japanese MITSUBISHI company was founded in Yataro Iwasaki in 1870. In 1934 MITUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Ltd. was the biggest private company in Japan. It had business divisions for coal mining, shipbuilding, machine-building, manufacturing of aircrafts and railway choaches, bank houses, insurances and trading. Today companies and branches in more than 100 nations belong to this major corporation.

MITTRONIK offers power generators with slow turning MITSUBISHI diesel engines in a range from 650 up to 2.000 kVA rated power.

Power Generator Set open frame Generator Set open frame
Power Generator Set soundproof Generator Set weather+ soundproof
20' / 40' ISO container weather+ soundproof

Depending on the application, various digital control panels are available: Automatic Control Panel for manual or automatic operation at mains failure (default), parallel operation (genset - genset) or mains synchronous operation (genset - mains/grid).

Thanks to many options, the generator sets are perfectly designed to suit the intended operating conditions: as standby genset for emergency power supply in hospital or as container genset for daily power generation on construction site.

MITSUBISHI diesel genset engines MITSUBISHI diesel generator set

Diesel Generators - MITSUBISHI | 1.500 rpm | water-cooled

Type Power   Phases Amp. Engine type l/h    
MITW 670 670 kVA 536 kW 3~ 400V 967 A S6R2 PTA   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MITW 760 761 kVA 609 kW 3~ 400V 1.099 A S6R2 PTAA   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MITW 780 775 kVA 620 kW 3~ 400V 1.119 A S12A2 PTA   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MITW 910 910 kVA 728 kW 3~ 400V 1.314 A S12A2 PTA25   open frame version mit (Wetter- und) Schallschutz-Gehäuse
MITW 1030 1.030 kVA 824 kW 3~ 400V 1.487 A S12H-PTA   open frame version  
MITW 1290 1.296 kVA 1.037 kW 3~ 400V 1.871 A S12R-PTA 199,0 open frame version  
MITW 1400 1.400 kVA 1.120 kW 3~ 400V 2.021 A S12R-PTA2 215,9 open frame version  
MITW 1730 1.730 kVA 1.384 kW 3~ 400V 2.497 A S16R-PTA 238,5 open frame version  
MITW 1900 1.875 kVA 1.500 kW 3~ 400V 2.706 A S16R-PTA2 294,8 open frame version  
MITW 2000 2.000 kVA 1.600 kW 3~ 400V 2.887 A S16R-PTAA2 362,3 open frame version  

Rated power at 400/230V, 50 Hz. Fuel consumption at 75% (3/4) PRP load. Speed at 60 Hz: 1,800 rpm.

Available voltage at 50 Hz: 415/240V, 400/230V, 380/220V, 240/120V, 230/115V, 220/110V.
Available voltage at 60 Hz: 480/277V, 460/265V, 440/254V, 240/120V, 230/115V, 220/110V, 208/120V.

Rated Power kVA/kW - PRP Prime Power according to ISO 8528 - maximum available electrical power (at variable load) within the specified maintenance intervals for an unlimited number of hours per year. The average power output may not exceed 80% of PRP power within a period of 24 hours. 10% overload is permitted only temporarily.

Technical data relate to standard reference conditions according to ISO 8528: +25°C, 100 m ALT (1000 mbar), 30% relative humidity. During running-in period of the engine the output increases by approx. 5%. The performance values decrease at higher altitudes, with higher temperatures and higher humidity conformance with DIN ISO 3046.

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