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Power generators for emergency power supply and independent power for continuous use: generators, wind turbines, solar

POWER SYSTEMS: Standby Diesel Power Generators, UPS systems and wind turbinesPOWER SYSTEMS: Standby Diesel Power Generators, UPS systems and wind turbines

Pursuant to our motto „Power everywhere you need“ MITTRONIK has a broadly based product range of high efficient and environment-friendly solutions for an independent power supply .

MITTRONIK delivers electric current whenever you need, no matter if for indstry, trade or for private use like hobby or leisure time. Wind turbines, solar technolgy and power generators from a small suitcase version up to diesel generators with 3000 kVA are available.

Generators for independent and emergency supply

Completely self-sufficient systems for power supply can be built by combination of wind generator, solar modules, batteries and power generator set. The redundancy of the systems ensures that, depending on demand, wheater and environmental conditions, at least one power source is available. MITTRONIK offers a specific module for automatic charging of battery banks with control for starting and stopping the generator.

Emergency power in case of blackout / power failure

How much our modern life is depending on electricity we conly get aware in case of power failure. The big power failures in the last years made clear that extreme thunderstroms and wheater situations cause unexpected power failures, which also affected large districts. The German power agency fears for more power failures will occur beacause of the German grid is situated at the end of the power rating. *

Only power generators are able to supply important devices and installations, like lighting, elevators, medical devices, computers and telecommunication devices, cheouts and cash registers, machines in agriculture for milking, feeding or cooling for example.

For emergency power we offer diesel power generators from 2 up to 2,500 kW (per unit) with a special emergency automatic. In case of power failure of the grid the power generators startet automatically and supply the installation. After returning of the power of the grid the installation is switched back to the grid and the generator is stopped automatically.

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Generators for emergency power supply

* Source:, "Bundesnetzagentur befürchetet mehr Stromausfälle" (translation: Federal Agency fears for more power failures) , 19.05.2008, click the link

Blackout / power failure - emergency generators / standby gensets



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