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Modern solar technology can be used for all electrical devices which do not need much power but have to be independent from the grid. The modular solar systems have been designed for mobile use as well as for steady mounting. They constantly deliver electrical power for recreation purpose, holiday homes, yachts, caravans and also for professional use in research institutes and for sea markers.

In our scope of delivery you will find sophisticated solar modules and accessories manufactured in Germany.

Solutions with solar modules for independent power distribution

Mobile usage for recreation purpose

Solar energy for distribution of 12 VDC installations of boats and caravans:

Solar: 55 Wp - 150 Wp
Regulator: 10A, LVD, LCD Display
Battery: appr. 200 Amps/h
Load: lamps, radios, TV, pumps, refrigerator
Daily run time: appr. 5 - 7 h
Optional: inverters

Solar operated technical equipment

Solar units for power distribution of communication purpose and exhibition equipment

Solar: 55 Wp - 500 Wp
Regulator: 30A, LVD, LCD Display
Battery: appr. 500 Amps/h
Load: lamps, computers, technical equipment
Daily run time: appr. 2 - 5 h
Optional: inverters

Solar power distribution for building

Solar systems for power distribution of larger houses, schools, small hospitals located in secluded areas:

Solar: 55 Wp -1000 Wp
Regulator: 30A, LVD, LCD Display
Battery: appr. 400 Amps/h
Load: lamps, radios, computers, TV, refrigerators, technical equipment
Daily run time: ca. 2-5h
Optional: appr. 1.500 watts

Solar / photovoltaic island off-grid system

MITTRONIK offers a complete range of equipment for creating a functional solar installation


For an independent and efficient power distribution it is possible to combine solar energy with wind energy with special inverters and with a power generator with UPS function.

Do not hesitate to ask our experts for a complete arrangement.



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