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Manufactoring of power generators since 1985 - High quality 'Made in EU'

In manufactoring of power generators MITTRONIK is able to draw on an experience of 25-years. Power generators are manufactured at different locations in Europe according to ISO 9001. The total production capacity is about 40.000 units a year. Ax extensive stock-keeping allows short production and delivery times: most typs of power generators can be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks.

High quality soundproof canopies

Manufactoring of soundproof housings is done by using most modern automated manufacturing processes of metal forming, welding, painting and when cutting the soundproofing mats. In addition to the consistently high quality and durability of the housings large quantities can be manufactured at reasonable prices in a very short time.

Production line to latest standard

A new power generator is manufactured by passing through the long production line, in which, at different stations engine, alternator, electrical control panels, housing and peripherals are assembled to a complete generator set. An automatic platform is responsible for transportation between the different locations. The manufacturing process is to a large extent taken over by robots and controlled by a computer in real time. At the end the factory run test of the genset is done.

Proved quality worldwide

The power generators (1.500 rpm) offered by MITTRONIK are designed for continuous power supply and have proved 10.000 fold around the world in various applications on every continent. Our generators perform reliably even under extreme climatic and weather conditions from Siberia to the Sahara.

International Service

During manufacturing process of the power generators only high quality components from reputable manufacturers are used. The service network spanning more than 100 countries and ensures the fastest possible support if necessary.



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