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Rugged Outdoor Notebooks with bright sunlight readable displays for working outside at daylight

Rugged Outdoor Notebook Laptop with sunlight readable display screen Rugged Outdoor Notebook Laptop with sunlight readable display screen

Rugged Notebooks with sunlight-readable displays for outdoor use

You know that? Once you get with your notebook or laptop out of the shadows into the sunlight, you can note see on the screen any more?!
How about a new outdoor notebook with very special bright sunlight-readable display? The available rugged outdoor laptops have extremely luminous displays with a brightness of up top 1400 d/m² (nits). Thus, these laptops are 6-times brighter than the brightest "normal" notebooks on the market!

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    Semi- / Full- / Ultra- Rugged Outdoor Notebooks

  • Robustes Outdoor Convertible Notebook

    Semi- / Full- Rugged Convertible Notebooks with turnable display

  • Robuster Outdoor Tablet Computer

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Many advantages of a Outdoor Notebook with sunlight-readable display

MITTRONIK rugged outdoor notebooks and laptops on which some are resistant against falling from 122 cm (4 feet) high are available in different variants with different 'hardness'

  • Semi-Rugged
    Particularly compact, stylish and very reasonable. High efficiency processors and fan on the bottom. Vibrations-, splash- and shock-proof, partially according to military standard.
    D.BOOK 12C   D.BOOK 14M   D.BOOK 15C   MS400
  • Fully-Rugged
    Fully-protected industrial-/military-notebooks. Completely water- and dust-proof housing, protection IP 65. Certified to military standard MIL-STD-810G (Military specifications for use under the most adverse conditions).
    VM200   BM300   MN230
  • Ultra-Rugged
    Maximum-proteced industrial-/military-notebooks for extreme requirements. Completely water- and dust-proof housing, protection IP 65. Certified to MIL-STD 810G + EMV.
  BM300 notebook with extra bright sunlight readable display screen

[+] picture: Outdoor Notebook BM300 with ultra-bright sunlight-readable 1.400 bits (cd/mē) display

Technolgy for reading in sunlight
High-quality LCD display with LED backlight and special anti-reflection technology. The use of highly efficient LEDs allows long battery life, even at maximum brightness. Touch Screen and night vision, optional.

Outdoor Notebooks for optimum performance in sunlight or at night in darkness

Depending on the notebook model and its features a sunlight-readable display is standard or optional. The brightness can be gradually adjusted by keys. For outdoor use in darkness or at night the D.BOOK 14M is equipped with a LED illuminated keyboard. The MS400 and the fully-and ultra-rugged notebooks can be equipped with optional backlight keyboards.

Configuration, options and scope of application

The sunlight-capable outdoor notebooks can be configured to individual requirements and are suitable for versatile applications:

Special features of Outdoor Notebooks

Depending on the model series and one or more characterisitcs do not apply:

Notebook: system and housing

  • aluminium and magnesium alloy with a rubber adge protectors
  • protected against shocks, vibrations and drops
  • proof against dust, sand and water
  • sealed off interfaces
  • shock and vibration protected hard disk
  • wide temperature range: -20°C ~ 60°C
  • military standard MIL-STD 810E, 810G, 461F
  • salt-fog resistance (optional)
  • industrial protection (up to) IP 65
  • 24 / 60 months warranty


  • non glare (non-reflective) with LED backlight,
  • touch screen + digitizer,
  • sunlight-readable outdoor touchscreen.

Processor and memory

  • Intel Dual Core (2,0 GHz)
  • Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 (up to 2,8 GHz)
  • up to 8GB RAM memory
  • up to 640GB HDD hard drive
  • up to 160GB SSD solid state disk (use up to -20°C)


  • Fax/modem, WLAN, bluetooth,
  • 3G / WWAN (UMTS / GSM / GPRS / EDGE),
  • GPS.


  • vehicle docking,
  • office docking
  • etc.
  Outdoor Notebook BM300 with sunlight-readable display and low temperature option (winter)

Getac B300 Notebook at work in Austrian natinal team of ski jumpers: head coach in lift


  • Ambitious hobby applications, such as motor sports, aviation, water sports
  • Education, expeditions and research
  • Technicians, engineers, architects
  • Rescue services, police and military

Information and order

Information and prices on the models offered in the "Outdoor notebook with sunlight-readable display" can be found by mouse-click on eacht type (not yet acitve). We are available for consultation or an offer. We look forward to your message.



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