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Wall dehumidification system Geniť in living room


State-of-the-art technology - for a feel-good atmosphere in your home

In the field of electrophysical wall-drying, MITTRONIK offers the patented Genié system. This small and effective device ensures that damp wall and mold caused by rising damp are a thing for the past.

Wall dehumidification with multi-frequency pulse technology

Thanks to the multi-frequency impulse technology, the Genié dehumidification system combats moisture in any type of wall, regardless of material or shape. For this purpose, the Genié generates an electromagnetic field within the wall, which interacts with water molecules and prevents them from rising.

Compatibility with living things

The Genié is designed for use in living rooms and therefore also suitable where babies and children are. Since the electromagnetic field generatred by the wall dehumidifier builds up in walls, the system has nearly no effect on living things. The magnetic induction emanating from the Genié system is lower than that of a light bulb.

  Genié Basic - Mauerentfeuchtung / Mauertrockenlegung



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