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Since 45 years the distinctive pink MITTRONIK logo is typifiying sophisticated high technology and professional competence. The name MITTRONIK comes from the family business MITTMANN ELEKTRONIK which was initially founded as an engineering and installation compnay for electrical engineering. This was followed by the specialization in the field of stage lighting and theater technology.

From 1971 onwards, electronic lighting control, lighting consoles and dimmers for stage lighting were produced in series. MITTRONIK developed the first dimmer with triacs instead of thyrstors as power semiconductors, and introduced in 1976 on the occasion of stage technology conference in Karlsruhe (Germany), the first working memory lighting console in C-MOS technology with memory and data archiving as a world-novelty.

Three years later the first all-software-controlled lighting consoles in microprocessor technology revolutionized the market and were supplied in large numbers for German and international theater and television stations.

Parallel to the improvements in electronics was the consistent development of highly efficient stage lights and lighting equipment. Thousands of international stages were equipped partially or completely with stage lighting and stage technology from MITTRONIK.

Thanks to many large projects valuable experinences could be saved in other business areas such as energy and emergency power technology and handling systems, which have evolved to the top-selling business over the past decade.

MITTRONIK Energy is spezialized in particular in power generators and delivers generator set units from 0.5 to 3000 kVA ( 2.4 MW ) for electricity supply, eg for vehicles and constuctions sites or as emergency power for hospitals, computer centers and army camps.

Among the absolute highlights in our product portfolio are - in the truest sense of the wort highlight - the extra bright sunlight-readable displays of our outdoor-notebooks from Getac.

Our experienced and motivated team of engineers, technicians and business people ensures in close cooperation with strong partners a conscientious and smooth running. Extensive warehousing, modern productions facilities with quality management and efficient logistics allow short delivery times.



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